Choreographing Every(body)

Photographed in Slovakia, 2021, commission & collaboration with a choreographer and contemporary dancer Iris Athanasiadi

Supported by Art Council England

Throughout the year of 2021, Iris Athanasiadi collaborated with five different artists of various disciplines to research and develop five experimental works, which explore the role of the participant within open-ended performative experiences. 

How can body transcend a physical space? I have tried to identify and visually answer this question by working with my own body, with bodies of other participants within familiar sites of our upbringing. Since this project was being realised within a time frame when I moved back home to Slovakia, many of these photographs feature environments that I wished to reunite with mentally and physically.

Similarly, some images were photographed on an island Brač in Croatia, as that’s where the photographer used to spend a lot of time as a child with her parents. It was important for the photographer to bring the body to a different setting in order to see what will be the effects of a dissimilar environment on it. 


Whilst going through the work and if you feel like it, you can play sounds & mindful sessions we used to listen to with Athanasiadi in order to prepare for the project, come up with/imagine the visual material that would come out of this collaboration, and explore our own space, which was intriguing to undergo especially during lockdown. 

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