Michaela Nagyidaiová (*1996, Bratislava) is a documentary photographer based between London and Bratislava. Raised in Slovakia, she is interested in discovering personal stories, thus her projects rethink the notions of home, hidden histories, ancestral heritage, childhood, post-socialist environment, and identity. 
Documenting places, people, or objects that she has a connection with is very meaningful to her as well as working with memories, such as visualising someone else’s or her own memories through photography, archival materials as well as writing. Michaela has always enjoyed examining historical materials or events, which had an impact on communities, lands, or even helped to shape our current society.
Her work examines historically significant landscapes that have over time become forgotten or hidden in our contemporary life. This way, the intention is to revive the past, discuss it, and relate it to our present-day issues.
She is one of two members of a platform In Conversation With, dedicated to photography conversations and showcasing artists around the world.  
Michaela is a member of Shutter Hub and her portfolio can now be found there as well, have a look here.
2020   Group exhibition, Everyday Beauty, Photo Co-Op, England, Folkestone/Kent, November.
2020   Group exhibition, The Print Swap Exhibition, Foley Gallery, New York, NY, August.
2020   Group exhibition, Everything Home Is Far Away, FK-Kollektiv, Berlin, February.
2020   Juried group exhibition, Empty Spaces: Abandoned Places, Praxis Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, January.
2019   Group exhibition, Everything was forever, London College of Communication, London, November. 
2019   Group exhibition, I am a Woman by Shado Magazine, New Cross, London. September.
2019   Group exhibition, Oscillate, Safehouse I & II Peckham, London. June.
2019   Group exhibition, Propagate, Take Courage Gallery, New Cross,  London, May.
2019  Group exhibition, Visible Justice, London College of Communication, London, March.
Publications (Online & Printed)
2020  Black River Issue 01, Where the Wildflowers Grow Feature, Online, UK, November. (click to view)
2020  Soft Lightning Studio, Connection, Print, USA, November. (click to view)
2020  Goldenrod Editions, Goldenrod Zine 01, Print, USA, November. (click to view)
2020  Terra Firma Magazine Issue 06, The Idea of Residing, Print & Online, UK, October. (click to view)
2020   Fotofilmic, JNRL: Creative Immersion Publication, Print, BC/Canada, September. (click to view)
2020  Shutter Hub, Yearbook 2020 Publication, Print, UK, September. (click to view)
2020  Offspring Photo Meet x Northern Narratives, The Rural, Online feature, June. (click to view)
2020  Then There Was Us, Where the Wildflowers Grow, Online feature, the UK, April. (click to view)
2020  Swarm Magazine, Where the Wildflowers Grow (Heritage theme), Online article, Czech Republic, April. (click to view)
2020   Photograd Features Where the Wildflowers Grow, Online, London, January. (click to view)
2019   FK-Kollektiv, Everything Home Is Far Away zine, Print, Berlin, December. (click to view)
2019   Incandescent Zine Issue 016, A Sense of Direction, Print, Portland, OR, September. (click to view)
2019   Shado Magazine Issue 02, Print, London, June. (click to view)
2019   Canon Europe Features, Young Photographer: Landscape, Online, London, April. (click to view)
 Prizes, Experiences and Presentations
2020   Rádio FM, Čerstvé Ovocie Interview, Slovakia. (click to listen & view)
2020   FK-Kollektiv, Everything Home is Far Away Talk, Online. (click to view)
2020   Shutter Hub Membership Bursary Recipient, Online.
2020   Selected Scholarship Applicant for Creative Immersion by Fotofilmic, BC/Vancouver, Online.
2019   Selected for Canon Student Programme at Visa Pour L'Image, Perpignan.
 Takeovers and Online Exhibitions 
2020  Shutter Hub, Yearbook 2020, Online exhibition, the UK, June. (click to view)
2020  @float_magazine Takeover, Online, June. (click to view)
2020  F-Stop Magazine, Issue #101 Open Theme, Online exhibition, June. (click to view)
2020  @ofthelandandus Takeover, Online, May. (click to view)
2020  @photography_and_theory Takeover, Online, May. (click to view)
2020  Shutter Hub, Everyday Delight: Stay at Home Edition, Online exhibition, the UK, May. (click to view)
2020  Public Source, Covid-19 Archive, Online exhibition, the UK, April. (click to view)
2020  Your Local Newsstand, Open Exhibition 01, Online exhibition, Singapore, April. (click to view)
2020   Lenscratch, The 2020 Self-Quarantining Exhibition, Online exhibition & article, April. (click to view)
2020   Don't Smile, Family Frames, Online exhibition, Sarasota, FL, March. (click to view)
2019   Fast Forward: Women in Photo takeover, Instagram, London, July. (click to view)

@2020 by Michaela Nagyidaiová