Michaela Nagyidaiová (*1996, Bratislava) is a Slovak documentary photographer based between in Bratislava. She is interested in discovering personal stories, analysing the connection between landscape and memory, the impact of socialism in Slovakia and Eastern Europe, as well as identity and ancestral heritage. 
Documenting places, people, or objects that she has a connection is what drives her to take photographs. Michaela is often working with memories, such as visualising someone else’s or her own memories through images, archival materials as well as text. Her work examines historically significant landscapes that have over time become forgotten or hidden in our contemporary life. This way, the intention is to revive the past, discuss it, and relate it to our present-day issues.
She graduated from MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication in 2019. 
Michaela is a member of Shutter Hub and her portfolio can now be found there as well, have a look here.
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