Volunteers at the Polish-Belarusian border work in secret

Photographed in Podlasie region, Poland, 2021 in collaboration with a Slovak journalist Anna Jacková, commissioned by Fjúžn Magazine and Svet medzi riadkami / World Between the Lines programme by Človek v ohrození / People in Need organisation.
Read the article written by Anna Jacková, translated into English by Michaela Nagyidaiová, and look at the photographs via the links below.

Published by Calvert Journal and Blok Magazine in English.

Published by Fjúžn Magazine or Hospodárske Noviny inSlovak: 

I. The whole reportage from Poland-Belarus border   

II. Interview with Kassia in Slovak (local activist)
III. Interview with Marek in Slovak  (volunteer)
IV. Interview with Paulina in Slovak (local activist)